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Happy Advent everyone. Rob here. The season of Advent is a season of waiting. We’re all waiting for something it seems: a vaccine, racial justice, political change, a job, love, a miracle, you name it. What are you waiting for? … Continue reading

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What Are We Waiting For?

Hi everyone. Rob here. I’m writing this on Easter Saturday. It’s the in-between day. The day of waiting. It sits between death and life; despair and hope; the past and the future; the old and the new; darkness and dawn. … Continue reading

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The Rest Between Two Notes

Hi everyone, David here. To wait is to learn the spiritual grace of detachment, the freedom of desire. Not the absence of desire, but desire at rest. St. John of the Cross lamented that “the desires weary and fatigue the … Continue reading

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Where I Wait for You

Hi, David here. Waiting is an inevitable, necessary and mostly boring aspect of life. We wait in lines in order to buy our groceries; to be served at the restaurant, to be attended to in a bank; at stop signs and traffic lights; at amusement … Continue reading

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