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Goodness and Glory

Hi everyone. Rob here. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. That’s how the Bible begins in Genesis 1:1. The Creation story in Genesis 1 and 2 is important for us to know; not in a Sunday … Continue reading

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Overcome Evil with Good

Hi everyone. Rob here. Let’s call it what it is. The Orlando nightclub shooting was an act of evil. You can blame lax gun laws (how could anyone legally buy an assault rifle???), or ISIL extremists and propaganda, but, in … Continue reading

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Life Wins

Hi everyone. Rob here. I was standing on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, California, when a guy calls out “there’s whales!” Sure enough, just ahead of us a couple of Gray Whales, near the end of the annual migration north, … Continue reading

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One Hard Day

Hi everyone. Rob here. Last Tuesday I arrived back in New Zealand after two weeks in the United States. There I had the joy of attending a Wild at Heart Boot camp in Colorado – a retreat for the heart designed … Continue reading

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The Day After

Hi, Rob here. I hope and trust that you all had a great Easter. But today you’re back at work, right? Christ has risen but you still need to make a living, see to the kids needs, pay bills, do … Continue reading

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Greetings everyone. Rob here. Sometimes we need to step away in order to see beauty. I’ve just come back from 5 nights in Australia’s biggest city, Sydney. The two most famous landmarks in that city are the Harbour Bridge and … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Daily Battles

Hi everyone, Rob here. It’s hot. This is the season of electric fans, humid and restless nights, sweat and the burning desire to jump in a swimming pool or a cool lake. But the holiday is over and work is … Continue reading

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18 Miles Wide

Hi everyone, David here. Last week Rob shared a reflection on getting away and rest, and his plans to travel to the US in May to attend the Ransomed Heart Boot Camp.  I have to admit there is a part … Continue reading

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Beautiful God

Hi everyone. Rob here. I’m in Christchurch visiting my mum as she undergoes radiation treatment and providing company for my dad as he comes to terms with a new reality. It’s a tough season and yet this season of spring … Continue reading

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When Life’s a Grind

Hi everyone, Rob here. Sometimes life just feels hard doesn’t it? There may be nothing too dramatic going on but life feels like a grind nonetheless. Our normal response is to suck it up, dig in and keep grinding until … Continue reading

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