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Treating Others Humanly

Hi everyone. Rob here. I watched a documentary last night that was looking into the different ways that countries approach some issues and the positive results that have resulted. For example, Italy grants at least 6 weeks leave through the … Continue reading

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Family Likeness

Hi everyone, Rob here. Over January we spent some time looking at the book of Proverbs. The sayings are often short and pithy and thus, often overlooked. Sometimes though, they cut right to the heart. This is because they deal … Continue reading

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Hearts Restored

Hi everyone, Rob here. This week I’d like to offer to you something I wrote a few years ago as I tried to capture what Easter would look like from a disciple’s perspective. I chose Peter and his thoughts after … Continue reading

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He Really Cares!

Rob here. One of my favourite Jesus stories is found in Mark 3:1-6. Jesus is in the synagogue along with a man who has a shrivelled hand. He probably has no way to make a living apart from begging. He … Continue reading

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