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Put the Phone Down!

Hi everyone, Rob here. A recent article in The Atlantic highlighted the dangers of excessive screen time and a heavy diet of social media for today’s teenagers. Feelings of loneliness, despair and worthlessness were common. They struggle to connect face to face with … Continue reading

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Seasonal Invitations

Hi everyone, Rob here. The ground is now covered in leaves. Mornings are cold and the sun struggles to make it through my office windows. The days are short, health is more fragile and energy is lower. The animal kingdom … Continue reading

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Get Away with Me

Hi everyone, Rob here. As many of you know David and I went on a fantastic 3 week trip through the USA in August 2014. Originally our intention was to incorporate a Ransomed Heart Boot Camp into our time (You … Continue reading

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Invited not Needed

Hi, Rob here, The family and I have just had 2 nights in Christchurch visiting mum and catching up with other family members. It was good but it meant another Sunday away from church on top of the many days … Continue reading

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