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Evil vs Humility

Kia Ora everyone. Rob here. Soon after the creation narrative of Genesis 1-2, and the story of the Fall in Genesis 3, Genesis 4-6 tells the story of how quickly the world became permeated with evil. Cain kills Abel, Lamech … Continue reading

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Overcome Evil with Good

Hi everyone. Rob here. Let’s call it what it is. The Orlando nightclub shooting was an act of evil. You can blame lax gun laws (how could anyone legally buy an assault rifle???), or ISIL extremists and propaganda, but, in … Continue reading

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Wheat and Weeds

Hi, Rob here. I was in Auckland yesterday meeting with my thesis supervisor at Laidlaw College. When I arrived the library was shut, and even more seriously, so was the cafĂ©. A sign said that it was the time for … Continue reading

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Fight and Hope

Hi, Rob here. The plight of the missing airplane, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has captivated the interest of the world over the last few weeks. In the state of Washington in the U.S.A, a massive mudslide has devastated a community and … Continue reading

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