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Easter in all its Fullness

Hi everyone. Rob here. Easter is nearly finished. I wonder if you thought that Easter finished with Christ’s resurrection? No. There was much more to come after that. Last week was Ascension Day when we remember that the risen Christ … Continue reading

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No Hurry

Hi everyone. Rob here. Yesterday was a great day. We finished off our project of digging out the space for our driveway extension. We went to the museum and then bought our daughter a new pet mouse. I played golf! … Continue reading

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Heart Moments

Hi everyone. Rob here. Sometimes your body tells you what your heart needs. I got sick last week and, out of necessity, missed church and a leadership meeting. Watching golf instead of singing hymns on a Sunday morning felt a … Continue reading

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Family Likeness

Hi everyone, Rob here. Over January we spent some time looking at the book of Proverbs. The sayings are often short and pithy and thus, often overlooked. Sometimes though, they cut right to the heart. This is because they deal … Continue reading

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Loving Integrity

Hi everyone. Rob here. Last night my wife Kiley rescued 2 abandoned kittens who had been left in a box on the side of the road. This speaks volumes for her generous mothering¬†heart and her determination to turn our place … Continue reading

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Everyday Bravery

Hi everyone. Rob here. Aristotle once said that “courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality¬†which guarantees the others.” In other words, it takes courage to love, show compassion, lead with wisdom, parent well, fulfil your … Continue reading

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A Necessary Advent

Hi everyone. Rob here. You may have noticed that stores put out their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year. It annoys me. To them, Christmas is a marketing tool that sells more products. The constant barrage of advertisements and … Continue reading

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