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Put the Phone Down!

Hi everyone, Rob here. A recent article in The Atlantic highlighted the dangers of excessive screen time and a heavy diet of social media for today’s teenagers. Feelings of loneliness, despair and worthlessness were common. They struggle to connect face to face with … Continue reading

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Overcome Evil with Good

Hi everyone. Rob here. Let’s call it what it is. The Orlando nightclub shooting was an act of evil. You can blame lax gun laws (how could anyone legally buy an assault rifle???), or ISIL extremists and propaganda, but, in … Continue reading

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The Day After

Hi, Rob here. I hope and trust that you all had a great Easter. But today you’re back at work, right? Christ has risen but you still need to make a living, see to the kids needs, pay bills, do … Continue reading

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Hard Choices

Hi everyone, Rob here. Life is all about choices isn’t it? One choice leads to another which leads to the path you’re walking down. The problem is when choices lead to unintended consequences. Ask any addict if their addiction was … Continue reading

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