The Right Kind of Security

Hi everyone. Rob here.

Many of us would crave a sense of security right now I’m sure. The world remains in a perilous condition, and with the dramatisation that media and social media brings to life, it can feel more insecure than it really is. We often feel on edge and we can’t really explain why. Our hearts long for a secure environment. We sense that is a key to thriving.

But we need to seek the right kind of security. Here’s what I mean. There is a security that can bring freedom. A loving family environment for example. There is also a security that suppresses freedom. A prison is a very secure place. Another way to put this is to contrast external security and internal settledness. External security involves extra locks, bag searches, guys with guns and dogs, cameras and the like. They keep bad things from happening. Internal settledness means that when difficulty comes, when challenges arise or are accepted, when change and disruption occurs, you are secure in God’s love for you and your place in his kingdom. You still feel at home.

External security arises out of anxiety. It is sometimes the sensible thing to do, but it often does little to assuage people who are already filled with anxiety. Instead it can leave you more fearful and, therefore, more cautious, less willing to take risks and, as a result, living a smaller life. If you took external security to its logical conclusion you would not leave the house, the kids wouldn’t leave the house and, even then, you could not guarantee your safety. At some stage, in order to live a life worth living, you have to make peace with insecurity, with risk and the dangers of freedom. That is a journey of the heart and the mind.

I was thinking about this as I was doing some soul work today. I was thinking about the freedom of guilt I can now experience, even as I name in myself some things that I’m not happy about. I feel secure in the Father’s love for me and in the love of Jesus, the Son. The Spirit dwells in me, I am a beloved son and my soul is at peace more often than not. From this place of security and settledness I can allow the Spirit to “search my heart and know my inmost thoughts” without shame or blame. I can reject the accusations of the enemy because I know the truth of my belovedness. Not always I confess, but mostly.

I think a key to it is not making sin the focus of my confession. Instead I confess the love of God for me and the world, I confess my place in his kingdom as a son who is loved and I confess that I love him and worship him. From there I can confess where I have not lived up to who I truly am. I confess where I have not thought, acted or spoke like a son of my Father or as a brother and intimate ally of Jesus. His mercy comes, forgiveness comes and I ask what needs to change. He may change some thinking, correct a lie, remind me to love, open myself to someone else or tell me to take better care of my heart. From there I confess his love again, my place in his kingdom again and I am at peace.

Security in the love of God for us is the right kind of security to invest in. It is also good to invest in his goodness, in his joy and in his hope. He will renew all things. He is renewing all things. Even you and I right now. He is in charge and that is the security we are invited to take to heart.

Grace and peace.

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Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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