Not my Will

Hi everyone. Rob here.

I once read some advice on parenting. It said that we’re trying to communicate 2 things to our children:

  1. You are loved more than you can possibly imagine. You are precious to us.
  2. You are not the centre of the universe.

God our Father is trying to communicate the same 2 things to us, his children. The two statements are deeply related. If we believe number 1 with all our hearts, the more likely it is that we’ll believe number 2. If we don’t believe number 2 we are also not likely to believe number 1. I hope you follow the logic there. God is the centre of the universe. Once we accept God’s love, we accept God’s place, and if the centre of the universe is God’s place, then it’s not ours. praying-hands-2539580_960_720

Another way to put this is that we receive God’s love by trusting him. When we place ourselves at the centre of all things then we’re making a decision against trusting God. The problem lies with the fact that it’s a real battle to not make ourselves the centre of our universe. After all, we make important decisions every day and are given responsibility over our bodies, finances, children, employees and more. What we do and who we are matters and matters greatly. And because of that we need to trust that God Almighty is the centre of the universe. Our lives are too much for us to handle on our own. We are designed to live in utter dependence on the God who loves us and calls us his precious children.

Trusting God for his outcomes and his kingdom purposes means that we can stop making arrangements for our success, our comfort or our convenience. It means we can be honest about our shortcomings and humble about our achievements. It means that Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane is always on our lips – Not my will Lord, but yours be done.

The amazing thing is that as we stop trying to arrange for our own validation, as we put God first and die to self, we find ourselves validated by God our Father. As we trust God for his will to be done, we find that his will is so much better than anything we could have arranged. We find that God moves in others and relationships come to experience forgiveness, mercy and grace. We also find that we become more patient with the processes of God and more trusting with his timing.

So, I invite you to surrender that thing you’re anxious about, that aspect of life that you’re arranging the success of, that event that has to be just right for it to be deemed good in your eyes. Give it all to God and may the God of love order our steps, even as we walk with him.

Grace and peace everyone.

About brandnewheartnz

Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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