Life Wins

Hi everyone. Rob here.

I was standing on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, California, when a guy calls out “there’s whales!” Sure enough, just ahead of us a couple of Gray Whales, near the end of the annual migration north, were cruising by. Amazing. I’d always wanted to see whales in their natural habitat and here they were. I felt kissed by God as a pelican flew just by my head and a sea otter frolicked in the water. The next day, just past San Simeon I watched hundreds of elephant seals on the beach just doing their thing, oblivious to the awe-filled spectators and their cell-phone cameras. I mentioned Yosemite National Park last week and it’s majestic beauty that leaves you crying out in worship to the Creator. Here’s the deal – Life wins. It’s John Eldredge’s final point in his book Moving Mountains (I’ll write about that soon) about prayer and it’s the Bible’s final point also. Life wins, death dies and the kingdom is ours, fully, wholly, gloriously.20160511_103255

For now though, it seems that there is an awful lot set against life. As I watched whales cruise by I also noticed several off-shore oil rigs making ocean life very fragile indeed. At Yosemite I was caught in a weekend traffic jam as thousands of people descended upon that pristine landscape taking selfies as if they were the centre of the story in that place! The flight path into San Diego airport goes right over the wonderful Balboa Park that sits in the middle of the city. They create a sanctuary and then allow large and noisy jets fly right over it. Do we have no respect? It seems that we are so desperate to arrange for the life we want that we lose sight of the life that’s all around us.

I suggest we start to remedy this by practicing deep gratitude. Be thankful for city councils that create city parks, collect our rubbish every week and plant flowers in the inner-city just to create some beauty. Be thankful for governments (yes, really!) that create national parks, collect taxes that get used for conservation initiatives and make rules that stop us doing some really horrible things to nature. Be thankful for volunteers who take care of elephant seal colonies, local wildlife areas and advocate for the environment. Most of all be thankful for a Creator whose unparalleled imagination gave us waterfalls, wildflowers, rivers, oceans, wildlife, desert, mountains and the Grand Canyon.

While I travelled the Father gave me gifts and almost all of them were related to his wild creation. He reminded me that he is, indeed, the God of life. It was all his idea. But the battle rages between life and death; the kingdom of God and the kingdom of evil. As I observed creation while I was in America the battle showed itself to be very real. We need to be on God’s side. We need to learn to love what he loves and he called his creation “very good.” Let’s love it, enjoy it, advocate for it because God wants us to be at home in it – forever and ever and ever.


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Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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3 Responses to Life Wins

  1. Adam and Jennie Munro says:

    Hey Rob.

    Cool post thanks.

    Don’t forget to update our new email address at your end so I can still receive these.


    • Hi Adam. Thanks for the feedback. You may need to resubscribe on the ‘sign up’ button on the website and enter your new email address. That should work. Thanks, David

  2. Kiley Gray says:

    Was so good to read that Good Wins/God Wins and evil is overcome. I’ve been reading the horrors of cultures that practice Female Genital Mutilation. And before you judge they think that every woman in the world endures this, the men have nothing to do with the ritual (Mothers hold their daughters down) and so don’t always know the awfulness of it and lastly they are often so poor that the bride price, that their now acceptable daughter will collect, is their means for survival. Then I read of another extremely poor community in the developing world where they have internet access and have begun to learn English and have worked out how to earn easy money filming their young children in no clothes for the perverted masses. OH God when will you come and right every wrong and restore us to the glory you intended. How did we fall so far from the original plan you had? Thank you Jesus for redeeming us a broken, fallen people . Help us.

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