A Story for the Ages

Hi everyone. Rob here.

Last week I wrote about the upcoming Pastor’s Retreat I was about to attend and it was a great time of refreshment and renewal. Part of the emphasis was on receiving the good news of Jesus as a story to be received and entered into, not just as truth to be believed bible-image[2]and adhered to. The problem with Christianity as a set of beliefs/doctrines only is that they become external to our hearts. They require intellectual assent but if our hearts aren’t involved then we’ll never live them out wholeheartedly. But if Christianity is a story to be lived in then it needs to inhabit us and become who we are. We don’t just need to believe the Good News but become the Good News.

The Bible talks about the law not just being written on stone but on our hearts. Jesus said that it’s not just about keeping the letter of the law but becoming like the Father. He came as a human being to identify with us and so we could identify with him. He represents us and tells us that the Father and He want to come to us and make their home in us. God wants to inhabit us so that we can inhabit his kingdom and be at home.

The big issue is that requires making room in our hearts for God. This is why we are called to die to sin and come alive to God. If we don’t die to sin, that is deliberately giving our sins over to Christ who puts them to death through the cross, then there’s no room in our hearts for God to inhabit us with his life and story. So much of life involves God’s Spirit coaxing us into deeper surrender because he wants us to have more of his life in our life.

This also crystallises what sin is. It is going our own way, doing our own thing, trying to write our own story instead of opening ourselves up to the story of God, the life of God and the heart of God. God wants to write his story on our hearts and give us a vital role to play in it. Everyone has their thing that they love to do, that makes their heart sing and their spirits soar. In that place is our vital role. Yes, it may take time to discover, but it comes as we practice opening our hearts up to God. Our Father loves giving good gifts to his sons and daughters.

What does he have for you? I love helping people own their vulnerability and become more courageous as a result. What about you? Whatever is stirring in your heart, lay it before God and ask that it may become part of God’s great story. May the role he writes for you fill you with joy and give life to others. As you make room for God’s Spirit may his life shine brightly through you and give him glory.


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Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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1 Response to A Story for the Ages

  1. Peter Crutchley says:

    Well written Rob and true indeed. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings

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