Making Space

Hi everyone, Rob here.

Last week I headed up to Laidlaw College in Auckland for a few days to do some concentrated work on my Masters thesis. Within a few hours of getting there I had made

Photo: David Andrews

Photo: David Andrews

some major breakthroughs in the direction and content of the thesis. It felt like a load had been lifted off my back. I now have to add productivity to clarity but I am actually looking forward to that now that I know where I am going. I had made space for my study and God had turned up in that space.

Last August I visited the 9/11 memorials at The Pentagon, The World Trade Centre and in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The goal of each of the memorials was to create space where people could reflect. This was particularly so for the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania. The intention of the architect was that it would be a place of renewal. The land had recently been an open pit mine but was being reclaimed by nature until the day when a jet came hurtling over the landscape at 563mph and crashed into the earth. In a very dignified way the dead were honoured, the day remembered and the land was a central part of the healing process. It was full of wildflowers and grasses. It gave the memorial a feeling of space and peace. Space was created and God turned up to speak of renewal and hope.

Most lunchtimes I take a walk around the park by our church. I use the time to listen to God, to my heart and to enjoy beauty. Sometimes I carry burdens on that walk and unload them as I go. Sometimes God wants to speak words over me or raise issues that I need to deal with. Other times my heart and my God are quiet and peace reigns. No matter what happens in that walk space has been created and God shows up.

We know how crucial making space for God is. Why then do we find it so hard to do it? I suspect that we are afraid of what might happen. Maybe we fear being exposed; that our way of managing life will be shown up as false and that feels too hard to deal with. Maybe we fear not being in control; that simply giving space for God to speak is risky somehow and you prefer being in charge of the conversation. Or maybe you’ve been hurt in the past when you wanted God to speak and you heard…silence.

When we know we need to do something and we’re not doing it fear is usually at work. Behind fear is usually a false belief about God or people or ourselves. Behind false belief is an enemy who wants us to turn our backs on God and others. So let’s tell ourselves the truth. We are children of God and God loves to hear from his children. We are friends of Jesus and Jesus likes to walk and talk with his friends. The Holy Spirit wants to bring us into the love of the Father and the Son and he longs for us to open our hearts to that. God is for us. God is love. God offers us fullness of life. God offers us freedom from fear and an invitation into the wide open spaces of his heart.

So what do you need to do to make space for God today? Last night I drove the long way home from work so that God could still my heart before engaging with the family. Do you need to do that? Do you need to say NO to your boss when he gives you another assignment? Do you need to take time early in the day or late at night to spend time in his presence? Do you need to take a walk at lunchtime? Talk to God about it. What is he putting in your heart? Share your ideas in the comments section so we can learn from you about how you create space.

Remember that everything is spiritual so invite him into everything. Blessings.

About brandnewheartnz

Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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2 Responses to Making Space

  1. Naomi jack says:

    Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. I really liked this when I read it. We don’t necessarily have the luxury of taking the long way home so God can still our hearts before engaging with the family. Some of us are busy engaging and unable to drive the long way. So we need to find God, peace and calm and know God is right there alongside us in the chaos of family life. I often find the only quiet time to be with God is late at night. And often God seems to just say,”Go to sleep!”

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