Identity Theft

Hi There, David here.

We are not what we were meant to be, and we know it. If, when passing a stranger on the street, we happen to meet eyes, we quickly avert our glance. Cramped into the awkward community of an elevator, we search for something, anything to look at instead of each other. We fear to be seen.

In the book Sacred Romance, author John Eldredge talks about how we are mostly blind to who we really are. Mostly we live and see only a dim reflection of what we could be, as well as who we are. Sometimes we do catch a glimpse and it speaks to our soul. Then just as quickly it is gone but not forever.

Think for a moment about the millions of tourists who visit the ancient pyramids. Though ravaged by time, the elements, and vandals through the ages, mere shadows of their former glory, these ruins still awe and inspire. Though fallen, their glory cannot be fully extinguished. There is something at once sad and grand about them. And such we are.

Abused, neglected, vandalised, fallen—we are still fearful and wonderful.

We are, as one theologian put it, “glorious ruins.” But unlike those grand monuments, we who are Christ’s have been redeemed and are being renewed as Paul said, “day by day,” restored in the love of God.

Could it be that we, all of us, really possess hidden greatness? Is there something in us worth fighting over? The fact that we don’t see our own glory is part of the tragedy of the fallen world we live in. A sort of spiritual amnesia has taken all of us.

Our souls were made to live in the Larger Story, but as G.K. Chesterton discovered, we have forgotten our part:

“We have all read in scientific books, and indeed, in all romances, the story of the man who has forgotten his name. This man walks about the streets and can see and appreciate everything; only he cannot remember who he is. Well, every man is that man in the story. Every man has forgotten who he is. . . . We are all under the same mental calamity; we have all forgotten our names. We have all forgotten what we really are. “

May you discover your identity- who you really are. May you believe the great story, that we all matter, we all are important and critical to achieve the plan – God’s plan to redeem and restore this world. May you know the difference between who you think you are and who you really are. Drop the pose and the mask if you need to. May you remember that God knows who you really are – your true identity as he made you in His image. What does this change for you?

This week’s poem is by Cam Porter from the sunny Hawkes Bay – great work my friend!

True Identity

Don’t you know who I am?image
Self made success
Celebrity and influence
I shouldn’t need to tell you

Don’t you know who I am?
The car, the clothes
The air about me
Speaking for themselves

Are you so deaf, so ignorant?
Hours of toil and huge expense
Manufactured skin-deep skin
The mask (the wound, the true identity)

No one is listening
Now I’ll start again
Redefined by the latest fashion
Except, the mask, the wound, the real question…

I had no idea
Who I was
Until you told me
The Fearsome Truth

Who am I?
When you look at me
I see my true identity
The broken parts becoming whole

I am who you say
Not what I thought
When you called my name
It changed, everything

~ Cam Porter

About brandnewheartnz

Brand New Heart Ministries is a ministry designed to honour, protect and nurture the new hearts given us in Christ and also, the eternity set in every person’s heart. God wants a heart to heart relationship with us!
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