Heart in Motion

In 1991 Amy Grant released her 12th album – Heart in Motion.  By 1997 the album had sold more the five million copies.  Something about the album, perhaps the idea of a ‘heart in motion’, had captured the thinking of a whole lot of people.

I’ve been a huge Amy Grant fan for some time (27 years to be exact).  I was at the Heart in Motion concert in Auckland, New Zealand in 1992.  I bought the T-Shirt, bought the CD and also thought a lot about what it meant to have a heart in motion.

So now the Mountain Top (only a true Amy Grant fan will get that one) experience of grooving to Baby Baby with a whole lot of Amy Grant fanatics in 1992, is but a distant memory. So, what does it mean today, to have a heart – in motion. 

 In Mark 12:30 Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment is to:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
(my emphasis added). 

I must have read this verse at least 100 times. I always took this to mean that we are to love God with every fibre of our being.  This is probably one meaning, but there may be something more to this.

I’m not sure about you , but sometimes I have to try really hard to love God with all my mind and all my strength. In the recent Christchurch earthquake, people have died – innocent people – babies.  I find my mind filled with questions, and my strength weakened. I also try my best to love God with all my soul.  I sing worship songs at church, I write poetry, I pray.  Sometimes though, I just feel my heart’s just not in it. 

Maybe, just maybe that’s the whole problem – my heart is just NOT in it.

I think what Mark may have been getting at was the order.  We are instructed to love God with:

1. All our heart, then,
2. All our soul, then,
3. All our mind, and then also,
4. All our strength.

I’m not sure this makes it easier, but the heart is mentioned first.  I think it’s intentional.

Some questions to ponder:

So how do we love God with all our heart? 
What does it mean to have a heart – in motion?
Who will notice the difference?
Do you need a check up? 
Who will do it for you and what will you do with the results?

We’d love to hear your comments!

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